About Us

What We Do & How We Do It

Our goal is the create the best trading tool for liquidity pools (LP) in the decentralized finance field. We make this possible backed by years of research in data valuation, as well as doctorate-level artificial intelligence (AI) expertise.

Our Focus on LP

With extensive research into the defi world, we have determined that the greatest market inefficiencies exist within liquidity pools. Working with our ever-evolving algorithms, we have paired targeting inefficient markets with a lower risk profile when compared to speculating on coin prices.

Why Liquidity Pools?

Currently, the defi space is growing in such a way that there is intense volatility within the markets. While there is a great opportunity for reward, it comes with a very high risk profile. Liquidity pools are a method for the most informed investors to take advantage of the growth of decentralized finance while keeping an acceptable risk level for their investments.

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So, Why Choose Data Republic?

Users of the Data Republic platform are given up-to-date insights on market movements. Information is power, so we are also committed and able to provide market information and data within a 1 block time-frame, making our algorithm's decision making even smarter.


Don't trust yourself to make the right decision? Opt into receiving investment recommendations from our AI that has been proven to be over 1000% more successful than other investment strategies, and that has been put to the test with our institutional partners.

Find out about what we offer and our Defi investment strategy in greater detail below.